The Beginning

GrammarSongs began as an innovative and memorable way to teach grammar, reading, and writing skills to students. The founder of Grammar Songs is Melissa, a teacher of twenty-two years.

Melissa's Journey

In a period of only 4 ½ years, Melissa was responsible for teaching K, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades (some of those in combination). Covering so much material in such a short time, Melissa drew upon her musical inclination to turn abstract ideas in grammar and writing into stories put into song for students to learn from and enjoy. Although suffering from a sensory-neuro hearing loss, this did not stop Melissa from reaching her students through the power of music.

The Dream Becomes a Reality

Within the classroom, Melissa saw the success of music coupled with instruction. Her students repeatedly were able to draw upon the material learned in song format and transfer it into other areas (e.g. writing, worksheets, analyzing literature). The songs were highly effective for her students, including students with various learning requirements who learned in nontraditional ways. These success stories inspired Melissa to bring her gift of music and love of teaching and children to the world.

Recent Highlights & News

Melissa's Local Success Goes Worldwide

Cox Business 'Get Started' Competition 2015 Winner

Spirit of Gainesville in Education Award 2016 Winner