Adverbs are used to describe how, where, or when an action takes place. They are a powerful, and often overlooked, part of speech. Adverbs can provide specific insight to completely alter the message the reader is receiving. For example, I could say, “Robert excitedly approached the roller-coaster and eagerly took his seat,” or I could say,” Robert cautiously approached the roller-coaster and hesitantly took his seat.” By simply changing the adverbs I choose, I changed the entire understanding of the situation for my reader. Young writers can benefit from harnessing the power adverbs can provide.

Melissa's Teaching Tips

Third Grade

  • Complete grammar sheets “Identifying Adverbs.”
    • Extra Engagement: Use and apply the information presented within the grammar sheet as a whiteboard or smart-board introduction.
  • Add adverbs into sentences when writing. Identify the verb the adverb is modifying.
  • Complete grammar sheet “Using Adverbs When Writing” to practice locating verbs and modifying them with adverbs.

Fourth Grade

  • Complete grammar sheets “Categorizing Adverbs.”
    • Extra Engagement: Print and cut apart the “Adverb Activity Cards.” Students should analyze the adverb on each card to categorize it as an adverb that tells how, where, or when. Create a graphic organizer by allowing students to tape the cards to the dry erase board or to chart paper.
    • Easy Writing Center: Stack the “Adverb Activity Cards” in the writing center. As students come to the center, they draw adverbs from the stack to use in written sentences.
  • Complete grammar sheet “Identifying More Adverbs.” Focus on finding the verb in each sentence and “juicing it up” by modifying it with an adverb.

Fifth Grade

  • Review any activities from previous grade levels as “warm-ups.” Complete the grammar sheet “Generating Adverbs” to practice creating adverbs that tell how, where, and when to correlate with certain verbs.
  • Complete grammar sheet “Using More Adverbs When Writing.” Focus on identifying the verb, and adding adverbs to modify the verb by telling how, where, or when.

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